We Make Estate Planning Our Business

Admittedly, many people don’t feel the urgency to start estate planning.  It is only when something bad happens, that many people wish they had done something.  We know it is difficult to talk about your mortality or incapacity, but planning for the hard times during the good times is the best time.  Estate planning is our sole focus and we are committed to helping our clients find the best solutions for their families.

Choosing An Experienced Estate Planning Attorney is a Wise Decision

Shaver Law Group, LLC believes that through education and excellent counsel, clients are empowered to selflessly and lovingly plan for the future of their children and loved ones, giving them peace of mind about their legacy. We are your attorneys for life and keep up with you as you navigate through changes in your life.


Estate Planning

We help you protect your family and plan for the future of your children and loved ones by providing education and excellent counsel.  We will implement the strategy that best protects your family and update your plan as life, the law and your family changes.


We help you and your loved ones resolve disputes over estates by utilizing mediation to avoid the cost of litigation and keep your dispute private.  Families will have an opportunity to work through the dispute in a structured setting while preserving love and respect for one another.

Legacy Planning

We help you leave a legacy by creating letters, videos and websites that allow your family to read and view facts about your family history, cherished family stories and how you hope the family will grow and the values that are most important.


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Leila is an extremely bright woman. Always professional and usually replies with a response within a day. Her work is top notch. I never faced any mistakes or needed to backtrack when working with Leila on lengthy legal material. This was very helpful of course. Sometimes working with lawyers can be a drag. Not with Leila! A very upbeat and enjoyable person to complete goals with. I wish her and her future clients the best of luck
~ Stephen

Attorney endorsement I worked with Leila as outside counsel to the company she worked in as corporate counsel. She was excellent to work with, very knowledgeable and detail oriented. I enjoyed working with Leila. She is an excellent, capable attorney.

~ Scott

Leila is a thorough and detail oriented practitioner that still has an ease about her that makes her great to deal with. You can really tell her passion lies with securities and I endorse this lawyer.
~ Joshua Nelson

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