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You may be thinking that you have time or that you don’t have enough in assets to do estate planning.  Or maybe, you have already taken care of everything by designating beneficiaries and gifting assets away.

Estate planning is so much more than deciding who gets your assets. It is planning for incapacity, taking care of your minor children if you are unable to take care of them. It’s about providing for a family member with special needs or with a substance abuse problem. Shaver Law Group, LLC believes that through education, we help our community understand how important estate planning is and how every single person requires it.  We understand your needs and update your estate planning as life, family and the law change.

What happens at the consultation?

Whether on the phone, video conferencing or in person, we first take the time to learn about your personal, financial and professional situation and ask questions so we know what is most important to you and why. You and your family are more than what you own. You have children and loved ones you want to protect and provide for. You are a real person with a real life looking for a real solution. So we take the time to understand your concerns from your perspective and what you hope to accomplish.

Once we understand your situation and your most important goals, we help you understand the legal landscape. An educated client makes the best kind of client. Together, we then formulate a plan of action to meet your goals and resolve any problems in the way. We will help you understand the pros and cons of different strategies and how best to execute your estate and legacy plan.

After you determine what kind of estate planning is best for you, you will decide whether you wish to move forward alone or with Shaver Law Group, LLC behind you. If you choose to get our expert legal team behind you, then we immediately implement your estate and legacy plan.

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