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About Shaver Law Group, LLC

Shaver Law Group, LLC is an innovative law firm focused on helping families protect their children and loved ones and achieve peace of mind. We work to make the estate planning process simple and efficient. When necessary, we mediate disputes between family members to avoid the expense and volatility of litigation in favor of the economical and private mediation process.

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning.” ~Winston Churchill

Our passion and commitment to families comes from a very personal experience.

Our Founder, attorney Leila Shaver, experienced what it was like not having a plan.  Her now husband was involved in a car accident that would change their lives forever.  The time Leila spent in anxiety and worry about his condition was terrifying and she vowed never again to let life’s hard times catch her off-guard.

As soon as Leila launched her own firm, she knew right away that she wanted to help other families avoid the terror that comes with life’s hard times by helping them plan in the good times for the futures of their children and loved ones. Leila built Shaver Law Group, LLC to support families and help them achieve peace of mind.

We help clients get peace of mind by planning for the futures of their children and loved ones.

We understand that planning for death and incapacity is uncomfortable.

Our focus is on the well-being of your family. By planning in the good times for the hard times, you can rest assured that your family has a plan and will be well taken care of. Hiring competent counsel to help you plan for your family’s future ensures that you are implementing a strategy that best protects your family. We incorporate counseling and mediation to help families understand and agree on the best strategy.

We are your attorneys for life.

At most estate planning firms the relationship ends when you sign your documents. At Shaver Law Group, LLC we see the signing of your documents as only the beginning of our relationship with your family. We take care of you and your family throughout all of life’s stages. Over time your assets will change, your family will change, and the law will change. Your plan must accommodate all of these changes to make sure your plan works when your family needs it. To help ensure your plan is always current, we invite clients to become a Client Member with Shaver Law Group, LLC.

About Our Founder

Leila Shaver Is An Estate Planning Attorney And Founder Of Shaver Law Group, LLC.

After working in the financial services industry for nearly a decade, she found her passion in giving peace of mind to her clients by helping them plan for the futures of their children and loved ones. She believes that by being proactive and planning for the hard times during the good times, families can enjoy their time together knowing their legacy will be protected.

Leila has seen first hand how not having a plan can cause incredible anxiety and uncertainty. In 2014, Leila’s then-fiance was involved in an accident with a tractor trailer. Her fiance was turning left onto their street when a tractor trailer decided to unlawfully pass. The tractor trailer hit her fiance going 50 mph with a full load. Luckily, Leila’s fiance was in his Tahoe and not his convertible. The Tahoe was totaled. Leila received a call from her fiance letting her know that he was seriously injured and waiting for police to come. Leila rushed to the hospital where she had no legal right to make any medical decisions on behalf of her fiance or have any right to learn his condition or the proposed treatment. Waiting for her fiance’s family to arrive so that she could learn his prognosis was terrifying and anxiety-ridden. She never thought she would ever be in this position. Her fiance survived the accident, though he walks through life now with 3 herniated discs and chronic neck pain. The impact also destroyed his adrenal gland, resulting in him developing an autoimmune disorder requiring medication for the rest of his life.

Leila’s experience left an indelible mark. Her fiance is now her husband and the accident changed their lives. They have put a plan in place now and have ensured that never again will they go through the fear and anxiety of “what if.” They have made sure that their son will be taken care of anything should happen to either or both of them. With this peace of mind, they tackle the uncertainties of life with newfound appreciation and peace of mind. Because of the accident, Leila decided to help other families as well and launched Shaver Law Group, LLC. Leila strongly believes that by focusing the firm on estate planning, her clients receive specialized services and advice that finally allow them to lovingly and selflessly plan for the futures of their children and loved ones.

Leila created Shaver Law Group, LLC so that families could receive the best possible help, service and guidance after making the decision to plan now for the hard times and get peace of mind. Leila loves coming to work and helping clients plan for the future. She learns something new everyday about the needs of her clients and creates services to meet those needs.

Outside of the office, Leila enjoys running, going to Orange Theory Fitness classes, and chasing after her son. She lives in Villa Rica with her wonderful husband, son and two dogs.


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Estate planning services are only provided to Georgia and Alabama residents. Contact us today for more information.