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Leila is smart, thorough, and very personable. She excels at making sure her clients are happy and well taken care of. I recommend her highly!


Leila is an extremely bright woman. Always professional and usually replies with a response within a day. Her work is top notch. I never faced any mistakes or needed to backtrack when working with Leila on lengthy legal material. This was very helpful of course. Sometimes working with lawyers can be a drag. Not with Leila! A very upbeat and enjoyable person to complete goals with. I wish her and her future clients the best of luck


I worked with Leila as outside counsel to the company she worked in as corporate counsel. She was excellent to work with, very knowledgeable and detail oriented. I enjoyed working with Leila. She is an excellent, capable attorney.


Leila is a thorough and detail oriented practitioner that still has an ease about her that makes her great to deal with. You can really tell her passion lies with securities and I endorse this lawyer.


Leila cares. Leila is passionate about helping her clients and her community understand the importance of a will, a power of attorney, a living will and a trust, if necessary. Many attorneys can give you these documents, but very few can truly ensure that the documents are given will work when you need them to in the manner you wanted them to work. Leila will ensure that happens.

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